SmartXLS 1.8

High performance .NET component which can write, read, calculate Excel files
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SmartXLS is a high performance .NET component which can write, read, calculate Excel compatible files without the need for Microsoft Excel on either the developer or client machines. It was entirely written in 100% managed C# code.

Main Features:
- Writen in 100% managed code.
- Unicode support.
- CSV files (delimited with comma, tab, semicolon or any other separator).
- Open Encrypted Excel files.
- Multiple worksheets per file.
- Template support (create new workbooks using existing workbook as a template).
- Various cell data types (numbers, strings,dates, floating point etc.).
- Custom number formatting.
- Merged regions.
- Cell styles (alignment, indentation, rotation, borders, shading, protection, text wrapping and shrinking etc.).
- Font formatting (size, color, font type, italic and strikeout properties, different levels of boldness, underlining, subscript and superscript).
- formatting options(font,color,content format,pattern,border line,border color,align).
- Copy/Move/Delete(Cells can be copied, moved and deleted).
- Row height and column width.
- Formula support (absolute and relative references, names, 3D cell references, more than 260 supported functions).
- Named ranges(Names can be used where you want. Access cells through their name is easy).
- Supports Formula Calculations using robust Formula Calculation (Cells and whole worksheets can be calculated).
- Formulas with referrences to external workbooks are supported as well.
- Charts(Supports all standard Chart Types like Column, Bar, Line, Pie, Scatter etc,Customize Charts by setting their different properties).
- Export cells data to DataTable.
- Import data into Worksheets from DataTable.
- Preserving print area and summaries.
- Macro support: Read macros and preserve them on re-saving.
- Comments: Insert cell comments.
- Rich Text: Insert rich text into cells.
- Conditional formatting.
- Mono support (works on Unix/Linux/OsX machines with Mono).
- XLSX reading / writing (Excel 2007 Open XML).
- Create pivot table from scratch.
- Supporting Medium trust level.

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